Annual Compliance,Auditing & Taxation

Annual Compliance,Auditing & Taxation

After Registering a Private Limited Company, there are many compliances which becomes the legal obligation for the Private Limited Company. Generally, there are two types of compliance i.e. Post-Incorporation Compliances and Mandatory Annual Compliances.



  • Accounting
  • Accounting Data Soft Copy
  • Preparation of Trial Balance
  • Preparation of Profit & Loss Account
  • Preparation of Balance Sheet
  • Audit and Tax Audit
  • Filling of Income-tax Return of the Company
  • Filling of form “ITR 6” for Income Tax Return with the department.


  • Letterhead
  • Company Seal
  • Share Certificates
  • Opening A Bank Account
  • Maintain Statutory Registers


  • Board Meetings
  • Auditor Appointment
  • Annual general Meeting
  • Income Tax Return filling
  • ROC filling

Annual Compliances

  • Drafting of Board’s report
  • Drafting of Annual return;
  • Obtaining the financials from Auditor;
  • Preparation of Documents for Auditor’s re-appointment, if any;
  • Preparation of Fresh Appointment letters to Auditors, if any;
  • Filling of form “ITR 6” for Income Tax Return with the department.

RoC Compliances

  • Appointment of Chartered Accountant as an Auditor
  • ADT-1 : Appointment of Auditor
  • AOC-4 : Filling of Financial Statements
  • MGT-7: Filling of Annual Return
  • Drafting of Director Report

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